How to install CentOS 6.3 Step by Step Guide with Screenshots

This post can guide you a gradual installation of Community ENTerprise software vi.3 (CentOS) with screenshots. but 3 weeks when the discharge of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) vi.3. The CentOS Project has discharged its identical to RHEL vi.3 distribution on 09 July 2012.
CentOS 6.3 Features
CentOS Linux Distribution contains some new exciting options like.
OpenOffice three.2 has been replaced by LibreOffice three.4, if you update from previous version of CentOS vi mistreatment ‘yum update’ and have openoffice put in, the update can mechanically take away openoffice and install libreoffice.
Many drivers are updated and improved in virtulisation.
Upstream has deprecated the Matahari API for software management has been deprecated, and there’s new tools for moving physical and virtual machines into Virtual KVM machine instances. These new tools from Red Hat area unit virt-p2v and virt-v2v for physical-to-virtual and virtual-to-virtual migration, severally.

CentOS 6.3 Step by Step Graphical Installation Guide
Boot laptop with CentOS vi.3 OS Installation CD/DVD.
1. choose Install or Upgrade existing system choices.
Select Install or Upgrade

2. select skip media check because it might take lasting to see media.
Skip CentOS 6.3 Media Test

3. CentOS 6.3 Welcome Screen press Next.

CentOS 6.3 Welcome Screen

4. Language choice.
CentOS 6.3 Language Selection

5. choose acceptable Keyboard.
CentOS 6.3 Keyboard Selection

6. choose Basic device if your drive is connected regionally.
CentOS 6.3 Storage Device Selection

7. you'll get device warning, you'll be able to click affirmative, discard any information button to Continue.
CentOS 6.3 Storage Device Warning

8. provides a Hostname to the server and click on on put together Network button if you would like to put together network whereas installation.
CentOS 6.3 Hostname and Network Setup

9. Click Wired tab and click on on Add button.
CentOS 6.3 Network Setup

10. choose Connect mechanically, head to ipv4 settings tab and choose methodology and choose Manual in change posture. Click on Add tab to fill address box with informatics Address, Netmask, entranceway and DNS Server. Here I’m mistreatment informatics Address and DNS Server is four.2.2.2 for demo. This informatics Address might vary in your surroundings.
CentOS 6.3 Network Configuration

11. choose zone.
CentOS 6.3 Set Timezone

12. provides a root arcanum.
CentOS 6.3 root Password

13. choose acceptable partitioning as per your demand.
CentOS 6.3 Partition Selection

14. Verify filesystem. Here, you'll be able to edit filesystem If you would like.
CentOS 6.3 Partition Verify

15. Disk Format Warning, click on Format.
CentOS 6.3 Disk Format

16. choose Write Changes to disk.
CentOS 6.3 Disk Changes

17. drive is data formatting.
CentOS 6.3 Disk Formatting

18. Here, you'll be able to offer Boot loader arcanum for higher security.
CentOS 6.3 Boot Loader Password

19. choose the applications you would like to put in, you'll be able to select customise currently and click on Next.
CentOS 6.3 Package Selection

20. choose the applications you would like to put in and click on Next.
CentOS 6.3 Packages Selection

21. Installation started, this could take many minutes as per choice of packages.
CentOS 6.3 Installation

22. Installation completed, Please take away CD/DVD and resuscitate system.
CentOS 6.3 Installation Completes

23. Welcome to CentOS vi.3 Login Screen.
CentOS 6.3 Login Screen

24. CentOS 6.3 Desktop Screen.

CentOS 6.3 Desktop Screen


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