How to Install and Configure WiFi Connection Using WiCD

Compatible with customary *nix networking commands (iwconfig, ifconfig, etc)
Once designed, can connect even though the X show doesn't begin
Can be managed and designed via the program line exploitation wicd-curses
Support for wired networks, also as named profiles to avoid wasting multiple wired configurations.
Supports configuring static information processing addresses and DHCP on a per network basis
Store totally different static IPs, gateways, subnet masks, DNS server addresses per network
Automatically connect at boot – no user intervention needed, even for encrypted networks
Keeps network keys in root accesible solely (600) files (unencrypted, however)
Encryption (template based)
WPA 1/2
Automatically connects at resume from suspend
Displays data regarding the network
Ability to run scripts before/after connecting/disconnecting
All this and it’s very easy to use. Let’s begin by putting in WiCD, if you're associate Ubuntu user, you'll be able to install WiCD terribly simply. All you would like to try to to is open a terminal and issue following command,
sudo apt-get install wicd
This will install each WiCD with all the desired dependencies. it'll then raise you for the users you would like to set up WiCD for. WiCD additionally comes with a receptacle icon. you'll be able to add it by right clicking a panel and selecting boost panel choice then select custom application launcher. provides it any name you would like and within the command box sort,
and you'll have a receptacle icon currently. Open WiCD and you'll be greeted with a screen showing all the wireless networks within the vary. you'll be able to then selected to attach to any network you would like. If the network is protected by any security then you'd ought to selected the strategy of security in situ and enter the proper key to attach to the network.

WiCD Networks
You, of course, additionally get the choice to selected whether or not to use DHCP or static IPs, that DNS you would like to use, that secondary DNS you would like to use. gateways, subnet masks. you'll be able to additionally use it to manage wired networks.

WiCD Advanced
And there’s more…

WiCD Advanced two.0
I for one have not had any issues with WiCD., though there square measure those that report sure incidents, it’s free from most major bugs and may be a terribly solid program. one amongst my favorite distributions, Zenwalk, comes with WiCD pre-installed. Rest assured, this is often an excellent tool to manage all of your moving association desires.