Install and Configure CollabNet Subversion Edge on Windows

Meet CollabNet Subversion Edge 

The Subversion® community spoke, and that we listened. we have a tendency to with pride gift CollabNet® Subversion
Edge—a certified stack of the foremost normally used elements during a Subversion atmosphere –
now prepacked along and fronted by a robust web-based computer program.
CollabNet Subversion Edge is AN industry-first distribution that mixes Subversion, Apache, and
ViewVC with a robust, Web-based management console. The graphical computer program simplifies
installation, administration, use, and governance of the whole computer code stack. A inherent update
mechanism notifies users once new computer code elements square measure on the market and permits users to put in the updates directly from the Web-based UI. CollabNet Subversion Edge provides the quickest and easiest way to deploy a replacement Subversion server and reduces in progress administration time, saving tens of thousands of bucks annually. The intuitive computer program eliminates administration errors, enables straightforward and secure management of worker and external partner development groups, and provides crucial operational analytics.
CollabNet Subversion Edge is open supply computer code that's commissioned underneath the open supply Affero General Public License (AGPL v3). Free downloads square measure on the market here.

As a part of our commitment to the Subversion community, we have a tendency to at CollabNet brought users options that would facilitate them change administration—features the community has been requesting. Benefits can be seen within the following areas:
Ease of Installation 
CollabNet Subversion Edge includes a licensed bundle of all the computer code elements of a completely
functioning, Apache-based Subversion stack, eliminating the requirement to look the net for computer code
versions that job along. A graphical, Web-based administration console installs, manages, and
updates the whole stack, eliminating shot and saving hours of frustration. Users may take
advantage of AN embedded link to openCollabNet, for community support.
• straightforward Installation
• Web-based Configuration
• Embedded Access to openCollabNet
Ongoing Administration 
The graphical computer program makes it straightforward to perform common body tasks, such as
creating and managing Subversion repositories, beginning and stopping the Subversion server, and
monitoring server health. Logs square measure mechanically turned and archived, that may be a best follow to keep your Subversion server running swimmingly. AN integrated auto-update feature notifies users
when compatible updates square measure on the market for any of the elements of the distribution and allows installation of the updates from the net browser.
• Browser-based management of Apache and Subversion server
• Powerful web-based updates
• Server discovery via Bonjour Protocol
• Ability to form repositories from the net console
• Log rotation and cleanup                  
• Subversion operational work
• Integrated repository browsing
• Server health watching

Security and User Governance 
CollabNet Subversion Edge provides intuitive Web-based, role-based access management to manage all
of the computer code’s administration options, moreover as manage internal and external user access to
the Subversion repositories, dramatically up the power of project groups to control their
Subversion access. The management console includes support for LDAP and SSL, addressing
common requests we have a tendency to see on the active CollabNet Subversion forums.
• Role-based access management
• Support for LDAP
• Self-service secret changes
• Subversion access rules

As the founders of the Subversion open supply project and with our ensuing ten years of flourishing
interaction with the developer community, CollabNet is aware of what's necessary to users. You’ve
given U.S. feedback, and we’ve listened. we have a tendency to take into account the user community specially else as we’ve guided the Subversion roadmap. we predict you’ll agree that CollabNet Subversion Edge provides results in the subsequent areas of development.
Simple Installation 
Challenge: Subversion users have been requesting a better thanks to install the software. Given the potential combinations of OS and add-on packages, putting in the bottom Subversion server platform will cause challenges – particularly for brand spanking new users.  Keeping all the versions of connected components compatible and up thus far is also a frightening task.

Solution: Subversion Edge offers simple installation via a Windows installer, or unpacking a tar.gz file for
Linux. the merchandise may be put in to any directory and doesn't need root access on Linux. simply copy/unpack the bytes to disk, start the web app, and do everything else from your browser. It takes solely many minutes. Benefit: during a single installer, CollabNet Subversion Edge installs Apache, Subversion, and ViewVC for repository browsing, at the side of a robust internet management console.  Installation is quick, and all of the elements square measure designed to figure along right out of the box.

Web-based Configuration 
Challenge: while not Subversion Edge, configuring Apache, Subversion, and ViewVC to figure
together, at the side of SSL and LDAP integrations, Apache AuthZ for authentication, and python
bindings for hook scripts, etc. may be long.
Solution: Use the Subversion Edge internet UI to finalise configuration and environment-specific
settings, like server address and LDAP settings.                  
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Benefit: simply determine and enter needed parameters for the whole stack. modify SSL by clicking a

Embedded Access to openCollabNet 
Challenge: Users square measure seldom tuned in to the various Subversion shoppers that square measure on the market and face difficulties in locating and keeping current with the most recent versions.
Solution: Subversion Edge provides direct access to the openCollabNet community.
Benefit: Users quickly and simply access the most recent Subversion shoppers. They additionally take pleasure in access to community forums and also the ability to raise queries of CollabNet developers and alternative Subversion users round the world.                    

Browser-based Management of Apache and Subversion Servers
Challenge: additionally to putting in Subversion, you need to additionally install, configure, and manage the
Apache internet server. several installations ne'er get to the purpose of putting in place tools like ViewVC for
repository browsing, and alternative tools that create Subversion easier to use.
Solution: Subversion Edge includes an online UI that may perform all tasks associated with configuring,
managing, ANd watching an Apache Subversion server. once the initial installation method,
everything may be done via an online browser while not an immediate login to the host server operational
Benefit: There square measure several inquiries on the CollabNet and also the Tigris/Apache Subversion forums about a way to started their Subversion server properly. Subversion Edge makes it straightforward for each new and practised users to put in, configure, and manage a Subversion server victimization Apache— for each new users and power users of Apache.

Powerful Web-based Updates 
Challenge: to stay your Subversion installation up thus far, you wish to periodically check various internet sites and products for updates. Then you've got to try to to research to create positive the new edition is
still compatible with alternative elements you are using. you would possibly got to capture
new versions of those alternative applications to be sure you've got everything you wish. You
also want physical access to the server the application is running on, and you wish to know how to properly update the applications, together with taking care of any new configuration options
Solution: Subversion Edge permits you to remain updated with the most recent fixes and enhancements,                  
including those to the underlying native elements like Apache, Subversion, and ViewVC.
There is no got to physically login to the server to use the updates -- it will all be done remotely
via an online browser. the applying is aware of a way to properly update itself whereas running, and takes
care of restarting itself to switch in-use files.
Benefit: once putting in Subversion Edge, you receive automatic notification of updates right within the
browser UI. Updates may be put in from the browser, and also the application is mechanically
restarted to place the updates in situ.

Server Discovery via Bonjour Protocol 
Challenge: Subversion servers on the local area network aren't easily determinable. Users nowadays suppose brute-force system and port scanning.
Solution: The CollabNet Subversion Edge server registers itself as a service along with your local area network DNS server victimization the Bonjour protocol. This doesn't require any work on the user's half.
Benefit: Servers will currently be discovered quickly and easily on your local area network employing a CollabNet-provided Java applet. Managers will currently see the proliferations of Subversion servers in their organization. Also, companies victimization the CollabNet TeamForge platform and can manage all of their CollabNet Subversion servers from one internet console.

Ability to form Repositories from the net Console 
Challenge: Users generally have to be compelled to raise a server admin to form new repositories. there's no ability to delegate this and maintain system security. Permission issues square measure oftentimes
encountered by Subversion users WHO unknowingly perform repository actions as “Root” and create
the repository inaccessible to alternative users
Solution: Subversion Edge permits you to simply produce, import, and initialize repositories via the
web UI. you'll be able to additionally manage them.                  
Benefit: Responsibility for making repositories may be delegated to team leads that don't want
access to the physical server to form a repository. Repositories square measure created with the right file
system permissions, that may be a massive drawback for inexperienced Linux directors. A common
problem is that somebody logs in as root and creates a repository. This makes the repository owned
by root, that makes it inaccessible to the Apache Subversion server. Subversion Edge creates
repositories with the right permission, and after you manually discover a pre-existing repository,
we verify that the permissions square measure correct. If they're not, we have a tendency to show you the command you wish to run to repair them.

Log Rotation and Cleanup 
Challenge: putting in place log rotation and cleanup needs writing, maintaining, and debugging scripts
and cron jobs so as to try to to the work. Most new Subversion users don't try this. Some might
manually delete logs once they happen to note they need full-grown giant. Some users haven't any plan
until their disk is full.
Solution: Subversion Edge rotates all logs daily. The user will outline a selected variety of days to
keep logs on disk.
Benefit: Managing and rotating logs can forestall them from being overwritten, and additionally keep server
applications running expeditiously. Also, correct management of logs keeps space on the market for
repository knowledge and applications.

Subversion Operational work 
Challenge: Most users don't use operational logging; some don't comprehend it exists.
Solution: Subversion will log high-level operations to a separate log file.                  
Benefit: CollabNet Subversion Edge sets this up mechanically. These separate Subversion logs
make it easier to investigate Subversion usage at intervals a corporation.

Integrated Repository Browsing 
Challenge: Configuring repository browsers may be sophisticated. all of them need adding one thing
new to your stack--such as Python or Java—that you've got to stay track of and manage. Most
users wish the options they supply, however struggle with the extra work. alternative browsers, like
Fisheye, maintain their own cache of the repository information. They perpetually poll your repository for
changes, and undergo a pricey and time intensive part wherever the present knowledge is foreign and
Solution: ViewVC is enclosed and mechanically designed as a part of Subversion Edge. It also
uses constant access rules as core Subversion, thus valuable company assets square measure properly
Benefit: the power to look at repository data and history via an online UI may be a terribly valuable
feature. ViewVC is arguably the most effective Subversion repository browser on the market, placing a pleasant balance of options and performance. it's a period of time repository browser that doesn't got to
maintain a separate pricey cache of repository knowledge. ViewVC is mechanically designed, and, more
importantly, it's properly designed so constant access rules square measure applied once victimization it as
when employing a Subversion shopper.

Server Health watching 
Challenge: while not CollabNet Subversion Edge, users would wish some third-party watching
tools or custom scripts to urge similar server health watching capabilities.
Solution: CollabNet Subversion Edge will basic watching of your server space and network                  
utilization, and tracks these values over time.
Benefit: watching server allocation permits you to see what proportion the server is being employed,
and spot potential issues that may necessitate hardware upgrades. Subversion Edge provides
trend-based charts that may assist with projected future wants.

Role primarily based Access management (RBAC)
Challenge: Responsibility falls to people with permission to login to the physical server. If a
team wants a replacement repository created, they need to raise somebody else to login to the server and
create it for them. Providing access to the server decreases security and will increase chance of
someone creating a blunder that affects all of the server’s users.
Solution: Subversion Edge includes pre-defined roles to permit delegation of body tasks to
key personnel.
Benefit: Responsibilities may be delegated to multiple people. as an example, team leads may be
empowered to manage repositories, whereas operations workers may be sceptered to manage the server
itself. This helps to make sure that body tasks square measure effectively allotted, which one
administrator doesn't become a bottleneck.  
Support for LDAP 
Challenge: while not Subversion Edge, LDAP may be used, however it's harder to line up and
configure the Apache server with all the directives you wish to specify.
Solution: Subversion Edge permits the Apache server to be designed to support LDAP
Benefit: Users for Subversion come back from a company LDAP directory, eliminating the requirement to
manage user accounts. Credentials may be reused so users don't have to be compelled to manage completely different
accounts and passwords. Subversion Edge simplifies LDAP configuration. LDAP data may be
entered into an easy internet kind, as opposition Apache configuration directives.

Self-Service secret Changes 
Challenge: victimization htpasswd during a Subversion atmosphere is common, however there's no straightforward mechanism for victimization it. AN administrator has got to use the tool manually on the server, which suggests they have to assign passwords to users, and users don't have the power to vary their own passwords unless a custom app is developed and deployed. whereas the mechanism for storing the
passwords is secured, the actual fact that AN administrator has got to enter the secret means that users don't
feel snug regarding their secret.
Solution: Subversion Edge provides a mechanism for outlining users and passwords, which are
stored victimization the Apache htpasswd tool.
Benefits: Subversion Edge permits you to quickly and simply setup a server and judge WHO will
access it. most significantly, you'll be able to delegate responsibility for making users, and once a user is
added, the user will login to the server to vary their own secret and knowledge. Both
Subversion Edge and Apache htpasswd store the passwords employing a unidirectional hash algorithmic program, so passwords on the server can't be reversed.

Subversion Access Rules 
Challenge: Since rules square measure hold on during a computer file on the server, solely somebody with access to the server filing system will edit them. this suggests you can not let team leads simply manage the
permissions at intervals the repository—you have to be compelled to raise somebody else to try to to it.
Solution: Subversion Edge’s native authorization rules square measure designed and accessible via the net
Benefits: Path-based permissions square measure enabled mechanically, and that they may be emended directly from the web UI.                  

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