How to Reset Forgotten Password Quickly On Ubuntu Server 12.04

If you have forgotten your User password, Many people face this problem you are not alone. It is probably one of the most common tech support problems. Luckily if you are using Ubuntu   they made it incredibly easy to reset your password.

So First Step is Boot in to Recovery Mode:

ubuntu password

After some processing, You will see the following screen. Now select "root - Drop to root shell prompt" and press "Ok"

Ubuntu reset password

If you forgot your username enter this command to know:
  • ls /home
In linux case is sensitive about username and password, If you have upper case than you need to enter same letters.
Now Enter following command to reset your password:
  • passwd username
For example (See the picture above):
  • passwd noobslab
Now enter your new password and confirm it.
Reboot pc with this command:
  • exit


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