What is the Reasons For Hosting Your Own Web Site


Web sites have proliferated greatly over the years to become a region of existence for several folks. folks use them to make net logs of their daily lives, offer relations with an area to store their recollections or to inform folks of their experiences in obtaining things to figure.

Businesses originally used them primarily as a selling tool, however later expanded  them to become a crucial a part of their operations. several corporations believe virtually solely on their websites to sell their product and supply each client and provider support services.

The decision on whether or not or to not host your own computing device will be troublesome. you've got to think about factors of price and convenience furthermore as service and support. This chapter shortly addresses the foremost common problems and description the easy spec to be used in a very little workplace or home on that the main focus of the remainder of the book are based mostly.

Not all businesses departments and houses need an online web site, however the method of building one touches several aspects of not solely UNIX operating system, however info technology furthermore. This book is getting ready to fitting UNIX operating system servers to try and do the items that almost all businesses and houses would like. It's concerning obtaining the task done.

With this in mind, the book is split into 3 sections of bit by bit increasing quality to form this method easier. when this chapter, the primary section introduces you to networking, software system installation and troubleshooting before the primary major project of exploitation UNIX operating system as a main division digital computer for Windows PCs. future section expands upon this information to point out you the way to make, manage and monitor your own Linux-based computing device on this network employing a easy DSL or cable electronic equipment web association. Finally, the third section covers a lot of advanced topics which will become valuable as your UNIX operating system administration role expands.

Our Network

The typical little workplace or home network is typically quite easy with a router/firewall, connected to a broadband web association, protective one network on that all servers and PCs area unit connected as seen in Figure 1-1.

As declared before, the remainder of the book shows you the way you'll be able to create an easy layout like this become a useful low volume computing device, however before you are doing it'd be best to weigh the professionals and cons of doing this.

Figure 1-1 : Wireless home topology


Alternatives To In-House net Hosting

There area unit 2 broad classes of hosting choices for tiny websites. There area unit corporations that host multiple websites on a similar server, and area unit known as virtual hosting suppliers. There also are those who enable you to use servers utterly dedicated to your web site, these area unit known as dedicated hosting suppliers. Dedicated suppliers may offer you with solely a network association for a server you buy ands install in their knowledge center, or they could provide a menu of services from watching to backups from that to settle on.

Virtual Hosting

It is straightforward to search out virtual hosting corporations on the online that provide to host an easy computing device for concerning $10 per month.

The steps area unit fairly straightforward:

  1.  register for the virtual hosting service. they'll offer you with a login name and watchword, the scientific discipline address of your web site, and also the name of a non-public directory on a shared net server during which you may place your sites.
  2.     Register your name, like web.my-site.com, with corporations like Register.com, Verisign or RegisterFree.com. you need to ensure your new domain name's DNS records purpose to the DNS server of the virtual hosting company.
  3.  transfer your sites to your non-public virtual hosting directory.
  4.  begin testing your web site exploitation your scientific discipline address in your browser. It takes concerning 3-4 days for DNS to propagate across the online, therefore you'll likely need to wait a minimum of that long before you will be ready to read your web site exploitation your domain, www.my-site.com. 

The virtual hosting supplier also will provide free backups of your web site, technical support, variety of e-mail addresses associate degreed an easy-to-use net based mostly graphical user interface to manage your settings. For an extra charge, several also will offer associate degree e-commerce feature that permits you to own a handcart and client loyalty programs.

The disadvantage of virtual hosting is that, tho' it's low cost, you frequently haven't any management over the operation of the server and need to place confidence in the employees and operational procedures of the hosting company to induce your changes enforced. These might not essentially be to your feeling.

Dedicated Hosting

In this situation, you usually need to create contact with a live sales representative World Health Organization represents a web knowledge center. At a minimum, you've got to pay money for the quantity of area your server occupies within the knowledge center, quantity|the quantity|the number} of power it consumes and also the amount of web information measure you expect to use. extra services like backups, monitoring, on decision engineering time, firewall management and information measure graphing info typically will be purchased as further line things on your bill.

As you'll be able to imagine, these services will be fairly big-ticket. A three cm extract a laptop rack for an online server will simply price $200 per month for one Mbps of information measure. The advantage over virtual hosting is that you just will customise the server to your desires.

Despite the relative deserves of external hosting, you will conjointly need to think about doing it yourself.

Factors to think about Before Hosting Yourself

Hosting your computing device outwardly, particularly virtual hosting, is that the ideal answer for several little websites however there area unit variety of reasons why you will need to maneuver your computing device to your home or little workplace. Some factors to think about area unit listed in Table 1-1.

Table 1-1 The professionals and Cons of net Hosting In-House 

Savings Costs Risks
  • Monthly out sourced Web hosting fee
  • Elimination of the cost of delays to implement desired services.
  • New hardware and software
  • Possible new application development.
  • Training
  • The percentage of IT staff's time installing and maintaining the site
  • Potential cost of the risks (% likelihood of failure per month X cost of failure)
  • Likelihood of a failure and it's expected duration
  • The cost of both the failure and post-failure recovery (hardware, software, data restoration, time)
  • Irregular procedures that could increase the vulnerability of your site to failure. 

Is In-House Hosting Preferred?

There area unit variety of benefits and downsides to hosting websites that area unit physically underneath your own management.


  •  inflated management and Flexibility: you'll be ready to manage all aspects of your computing device if it's hosted on a server based mostly either in-house or at intervals your management at an overseas knowledge center. you will not need to wait before changes area unit created and you'll be able to choose the IT answer that best meets your desires, not those of the hosting supplier. you'll be able to install the software system you would like, not what the ISP dictates.  there's conjointly the likelihood of compensative the price of your server by subleasing area on that to different corporations in your community, so you'll be able to become alittle virtual hosting service yourself. 
  • Cost: it's doable to host an online web site on most DSL connections. an online web site will be hosted on this knowledge circuit for less than the extra hardware price of a network switch and an online server. you must be ready to purchase this instrumentality used for concerning $100. If your home already has DSL there would be no extra network property prices. therefore for a savings of $10 per month the project ought to pay money for itself in but a year. the price of exploitation associate degree external net hosting supplier can increase as you buy a lot of systems administration services. you'll eventually be ready to justify hosting your computing device in-house supported this monetary truth. 
  • New Skills: an extra profit is learning the new skills needed to line up the location. Changes will be created with very little delay. 
  • Availability: Reliable virtual hosting facilities might not be accessible in your country and/or you will not have access to the foreign currency to host your web site abroad. 
  • Language: ISPs typically offer technical support in barely many languages. If you cannot get adequate support for request, engineering, and client care services, then associate degree in house answer is also higher. 
  • Lost Services: You lose the convenience of the many of the services like backups, security audits, load equalization, DNS, redundant hardware, knowledge base services and technical support offered by the virtual hosting company. 
  • Security: One necessary issue to think about is that the security of your new server. Hosting suppliers might offer software system patches to mend security vulnerabilities on your net servers and should even offer a firewall to guard it. These services is also tougher to implement in-house. Sharing your external net and internal home or company systems on a similar server or network will increase the chance of hackers or machine-driven malware accessing or corrupting your knowledge. contemplate a comprehensive security audit of any choices you select. continually weigh the degree of security maintained by your hosting supplier against the safety you expect to produce in-house. Proceed with the server migration on condition that you are feeling your employees will handle the task. 
  • Scalability: Your house is not a purpose designed knowledge center and it'll be troublesome to expand your business if traveller volumes become high. Adequate extra web information measure, space, power and cooling may become troublesome or expensive to provision. 
  • Technical Ability: Your service supplier might have a lot of experience in fitting your web site than you are doing. you will even have to incur extra coaching prices to make sure that your IT employees has the required data to try and do the task internally. 
  • Availability: In several cases the responsibleness of a knowledge center's web property is typically beyond that of your broadband association. 
  • Cost: tho' you will be ready to save cash on a knowledge circuit, there area unit different prices to think about. you will not have access to low cost land during which to host your servers. industrial workplace area is commonly dearer than basic knowledge center area. you will need to purchase extra instrumentality and services to support your servers, like UPSs, backup systems, software system patch management, maintenance contracts, watching systems and extra power feeds, all of which can be already bundled in with the services of associate degree external knowledge center. 

How to Migrate from associate degree External supplier

"Configuring DNS", that covers DNS contains a elaborated clarification of the steps concerned in migrating your computing device from associate degree external hosting supplier to your home or little workplace. you must conjointly browse , "The Apache net Server", and "Configuring UNIX operating system Mail Servers", on net configuration to assist offer a a lot of rounded understanding of the steps concerned.

In-House Server issues

For small websites while not an excellent deal of info activity and wherever "hot standby" hardware is not an excellent would like a basic desktop system can work fine. The linuxhomenetworking.com site, that was the inspiration for this book, receives over [*fr1] 1,000,000 page views per month and runs on a one gigahertz Intel Celeron with 1GB of RAM. A secondhand computer is adequate during this case.

Purpose-built net servers, tend to use multiple CPUs, twin redundant power provides, high-speed redundant SCSI disks that may get replaced whereas the system is running while not poignant performance, special error-correcting code RAM, multiple PCI buses, special inbuilt diagnostic tools and slim line cases solely many inches high. They price considerably a lot of, however you pay money for the peace of mind once your solely supply of financial gain is your computing device.

Try to have a frenzied space for your server that is clean, cool, and dry, and uses UPS-protected power. Label all of your cables at each ends and take a look at to make associate degree updated network diagram that you just will show anyone World Health Organization can offer you help.

Another sensible plan is to color-code your cables. Some corporations use one color for networks exploitation non-public scientific discipline addresses and another for Internet-facing networks, others use one color for straight-through and another for crossover cables.

Wireless technology for a home-based computing device will be very convenient. you'll be able to place your little wireless router close to your DSL/Cable electronic equipment and also the server anyplace within the house. In my very little work, I even have one server behind a article of furniture, another behind the TV, one underneath a bed, and some around my table. after you sleep in associate degree lodging, there is also no different selection, however the chance is that a book falling behind a article of furniture or a bounce from a home appliance, may take your web site off the air.

Selecting a web association for your computing device might not be as straightforward because it 1st appears. There area unit several knowledge circuit technologies like cable electronic equipment, DSL, and wireless links, however they will not accessible in your space or the installation times might not be acceptable. High speed links area unit typically marketed to businesses and their price per computer memory unit {of knowledge|of knowledge|of information} transfer is typically higher because the service is also combined with data center area, be a lot of reliable, provide a lot of information measure and supply higher client support. Some technologies, like T1 links, will optionally offer a frenzied circuit between 2 locations external to the net however the service conjointly contains a per km monthly distance charge.

DSL and wireless services area unit generally asymmetrical, in this the downstream rate from the net is totally different the reverse upstream speed. you must be most involved concerning the upstream speed for your computing device to the net. inward browser queries do not use lots of knowledge information measure, however the online pages that contain the outgoing replies do. web service suppliers (ISPs) offer uneven services for residential users and also the downstream rate is nearly continually beyond the upstream. They reserve symmetrical knowledge circuits for businesses that typically would like high information measure to each surf the online and serve sites. The ISP can typically offer the business with a set vary of web addresses as a part of the service; residential customers typically get a dynamic address allocation. this may have a bearing on your computing device preparation and can be mentioned in additional detail in later chapters.

Another supply of concern would be picking the software system to use. a preferred one is Windows which can be the sole product your net or business application can work with and with that your employees is most acquainted. These problems have become more modest as software system vendors area unit progressively porting their applications to UNIX operating system, associate degree progressively robust rival to Windows that conjointly contains a lower overall total price of possession, particularly for smaller corporations.

This book focuses on lid UNIX operating system with some references to RedHat UNIX operating system, its widespread company relation. what is the difference? till Version nine, RedHat UNIX operating system was a free product. the corporate then set to make enterprise and desktop versions that had paid service contracts bundled with them and these maintained the RedHat complete. At a similar time RedHat set to make lid UNIX operating system as a support-free product with associate degree aggressive development cycle, that is usually unsuitable for businesses that usually need a lot of stability and support. New versions of lid area unit discharged each vi months. tho' the first applications is also developed by volunteers, the lid versions area unit maintained by RedHat. Once lid updates area unit tested stable {they area unit|they're} incorporated into the RedHat UNIX operating system releases that are updated each 12-18 months. Constant communication between RedHat and also the developers facilitate to stay the updates synchronal.

I selected lid as a result of it's free. you do not need to get an acquisition order to play with lid. after you become snug with it and have tested the construct to yourself, your peers and management, you'll be able to then contemplate the a lot of stable RedHat equivalent.

I conjointly selected lid UNIX operating system as a result of it's widespread and it is the UNIX operating system flavor I've worked with most often reception and at work. this could not be the one appropriate for you, and different UNIX operating system distributions ought to even be thought of.

The decision to manage your computing device in-house will be troublesome. no matter you select to try and do, set up fastidiously. continually get an expert opinion, although it's informal, and continually bear in mind of the potential risks of the choice you create.

If you opt to try and do it, this book can offer lots of steering in finishing a no-hit project.

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