How to Remove/delete Kerberos Password in Linux

This is a really rare scenario one would possibly face. Suddenly your Linux primarily based pc, VPS or server would possibly prompt you to enter Kerberos arcanum. Same factor happened to ME, I don’t bear in mind if I had set kerberos arcanum within the past. I had solely updated sure packages. This happened after I tried assign new arcanum to Associate in Nursing existing vsftpd user. during this case all I might consider is obtaining obviate Kerberos arcanum to proceed with my work.
Kerberos arcanum is network authentication protocol which permit nodes human action over a non-secure network to prove their identity to 1 another firmly. currently to induce obviate Kerberos arcanum, all we want to try and do is removing a package that causes the problem. but this is often a security feature that one would possibly use if they're aware regarding their information.

To remove Kerberos arcanum in Linux:
sudo apt-get take away --purge libpam-krb5