What Is .DS_Store And How To Remove It?

What is .DS_Store?

.DS_Store, that stands for Desktop Services Store could be a hidden file created in each native folder in mackintosh OS X. This file stores custom attributes like position of folder icons and also the selection of background colours. By default it'll be created in each native folder accessed by mackintosh OS X.

Since it's hidden, it’s not an enormous downside through, it acts a trifle just like Thumb.db that is made mechanically in each folder in Windows OS. Removing .DS_Store and Thumb.db is OK since they're not system files.

The question is why to get rid of .DS_Store once it's hidden in mackintosh OS X in operation systems? after you copy any folder from mackintosh to your Windows OS, these files appear and annoying.
Removing .DS_Store and Thumb.db

    Copy Folder From mackintosh to Windows = .DB_Store can appear and annoying
    Copy Folder From Windows to mackintosh = Thumb.db can appear and annoying

FolderWasher could be a free tool for each Windows And mackintosh in operation systems that removes .DB_Store and Thumb.db files from the folders instantly.

Jus drag and drop the folders that you just need to scrub during this tool and it'll handle the remainder itself.

After you drag the folders, it'll raise you for a couple of choices, choose the specified action and click on Wash.
delete thumb.db file
Listed below ar ar some options of this tool:

    Deletes all files whose name begin with amount of a given folder
    Ability to nothing compress the washed folder
    Ability to delete ‘Thumb.db’ files on Macintosh
    Ability to form on the fly an inventory of files that ought to not be deleted, like “.htaccess” files
 terribly simple to use with its friendly interface


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