How to install and Configure SpiderOak on Linux

First, transfer associate applicable package for your distribution.
Create a directory for SpiderOak to measure in. note of the total path to the current directory, we'll want it later.

user1@Localserver:~$ mkdir SpiderOak
user1@Localserver:~$ cd SpiderOak
user1@Localserver:~/SpiderOak$ pwd
Unpack the package into this directory. this can be wiped out one among many ways in which reckoning on your distribution. within the following examples, we tend to assume you've got downloaded the package into your home directory.
For Debian-based distributions (Debian, Ubuntu):

user1@Localserver:~/SpiderOak$ dpkg-deb -x ~/spideroak_9700_amd64.deb ./

For RedHat-based distributions (Fedora, SuSE, RHEL, CentOS):
user1@Localserver:~/SpiderOak$ rpm2cpio ~/SpiderOak-9700-1.x86_64.rpm | cpio -vid

And for Slackware:
user1@Localserver:~/SpiderOak$ tar xfz ~/spideroak-9700.tgz

Now that you simply have SpiderOak unpacked, move its startup script (usr/bin/SpiderOak) to the present directory.
user1@Localserver:~/SpiderOak$ mv usr/bin/SpiderOak ./

Edit the startup script as shown below. The SPIDEROAK_ROOT variable ought to be set to the trail wherever you unpacked SpiderOak, as determined in step one. The components that are accessorial ar in blue.



exec $SPIDEROAK_ROOT/usr/lib/SpiderOak/SpiderOak "$@"


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