How to install and Configure EXE files on Ubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 12.04

The major downside new Linux users face is ‘how do I install XYZ.exe here?’, ‘Why can’t I run exe files?’. The question is phrased in many various ways in which, however the essence is often constant – a way to install Windows applications on Linux machines? 1st, Linux machines don't have a hard and fast extension for any viable file. we've got permissions. every file has three permissions – browse, write and execute. All files marked as viable files is dead provided they need a precise logical structure.

OKay, I admit I went alittle too so much here. we are going to target putting in Windows applications on Linux during this tutorial. you'll would like following things

A laptop with Ubuntu Linux put in (Any Linux distribution would be fine, however this tutorial relies on Ubuntu ten.10).
Administrative (root) access.
Internet access.
Moderate to Lower-High patience
Now, we are going to 1st be putting in the appliance referred to as Wine. Wine stands for Wine isn't AN ape. consider it as AN open supply implementation of the Microsoft API (Application Program Interface).

Unless the program you would like to put in may be a peculiar one, you almost certainly won't face issues with Wine, however, it’s still best to see with the Wine information at and check the standing simply just in case.

Installing Wine
Once you have got glad yourself we will advance to installation of Wine on Ubuntu. Open the code Sources menu by progressing to System > Administration > code Sources. Then choose the Third Party code tab and click on Add.

Installing Wine on Ubuntu
Click on Add supply, refresh the package list so head over to Applications ? Add/Remove and hunt for Wine and install it. instead, you'll be able to additionally try this from the instruction by

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine

Whichever methodology you decide for, install Wine as a result of that’s what we tend to square measure here to try and do.

Configuring Wine
Before mistreatment Wine, it's necessary to make the pseudo C:\ drive wherever your Windows applications are put in. Enter Wine configuration mode by provision following command on your machine,


You can additionally choose the set up Wine possibility within the Applications ? Wine menu. this can produce the .wine directory in your home directory. this can be accustomed store all the configurations and therefore the pseudo C drive. It additionally contains a bunch of alternative things as well as however not restricted to the written record structure like that in Windows, configurations settings just like the Windows version to be emulated, DLL overrides and specific memory connected settings. we tend to don’t ought to enter the small print of these at this moment.

Installing Applications
To install Windows applications with Wine, follow the directions below,

  1. Download the Windows application you would like to put in and place it in an exceedingly convenient directory.
  2. Open the terminal on your system.
  3. Change to the directory wherever the appliance installer is found.
  4. Issue the command wine followed by the name of the appliance to put in it.


wine someApplication.exe

Remember to grant the complete name of the appliance along side the extension.

Running the Wine applications
Most application put in via Wine can find yourself in an exceedingly special Wine menu in your main menu and you'll be able to directly launch those applications from there.

Uninstalling the applications
To uninstall the applications, open up a terminal and sort “uninstaller” – this can open up a program that allows you to uninstall applications from Wine. Running uninstall programs directly via Wine ought to additionally work ordinarily. instead, you may additionally merely delete the folder of the appliance however it leaves traces of that application behind within the written record and alternative configuration files.

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