How to Create Shared Files & Folders in Ubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 12.04 (Quantal Quetzal)

To get started, open Samba from Dash. By now you must have already got Samba put in. once Samba opens, attend ‘Preferences –> Samba Users.’

 Then click ‘Add User’

Next, choose your Ubuntu account, kind your Windows username and Samba positive identification that is simply your Ubuntu account positive identification. When done, click ‘OK’

Next, choose the and ( + ) button to make a share. this can be however shares area unit created in Ubuntu victimization Samba.

Then choose the directory or folder you would like to share. similar to what we tend to did in Windows wherever you chose the directory path and also the share name. It’s a similar here. One factor you'll need to try and do is build the share visible and writable therefore users will see it and write to that.

Next, choose the ‘Access’ tab and set the permissions on the folder. you'll be able to choose a specific user or several users from the list. or simply offer everybody access to that.

To access the shares from Windows eight, logon to Windows and open File somebody. From there you'll be able to choose Ubuntu and browse to the share below Network

Or use the navigation confine File somebody and kind the trail below starting with \\



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