The New Methods of SEO Marketing

The four main ways of SEO

SEO ways may be divided into four main areas.
These are:
1. quality content,
2. website organization,
3. authority,
4. what’s in it for the visitor?

Quality content is outlined as content that follows the subsequent principles:
1. it's created for the traveler, not the search engines.
2. add worth to the highest ten SERPs
3. provide your traveler what they require

All of the content on your website has got to be the simplest you'll create it.
Keyword density rules don't apply.
Does your article sound as if it had been written by AN expert?
When a commentary is written by someone WHO extremely is aware of their subject, they'll use sure “nice vocabulary”. that is, they'll use words and phrases that truly outline the subject of the article.
An exact match domain (EMD) accustomed work however works lots less currently.
Site organization: The means you structure your website is very necessary not just for the search engines however additionally human guests.
Good organization couples with clear and intuitive navigation system is significant.
Internal links: one amongst the foremost unnoticed items of the SEO puzzle is internal linking. This not solely helps, the search engines spider your website, however it helps guests realize alternative connected content on your website.
In WordPress, there square measure plug-ins that may assist you modify a number of the inner linking on your website. one amongst the plug-ins is yet one more connected Posts plugin, or YARP.

Linking Pages: Another sort of internal linking that is incredibly necessary is links among the body of your articles.

Tags: in our own way to reason your content is exploitation tags. however get warned to use tags sagely. don’t tag each post with many tags. deem your tags and solely embrace the foremost relevant ones for every post.

Authority: Your {website|web website} can become AN authority site as you build quality links to your page, your page can move up to the program ranking.

Always think about quality in each backlink you get.
Take care of Negative SEO that may be a comparatively new term and refers to webmasters/SEOs WHO build poor quality links to their competitor’s web site to urge it punished.
Which type of backlinks to use? 1st and foremost, select QUALITY, not amount.

To answer the question of quality simply raise yourself: does one believe your page DESERVES to rank well supported the standard of the content and therefore the authority of you/your site?

Backlink Sources article marketing: a really necessary step is to choose ten quality directories and submit a singular article to every one.

Forum participation: this can be one thing I don't advocate as a result of it's been overused by spammers.
What’s in it for the visitor?
When someone arrives on your web site, you have got a really short time to create the primary impression.
First of all the speed at that the page masses is incredibly necessary.
Use Google webmaster tools to inform you the way quick your website is loading and show you a graph of load time over amount of your time.

Website stickiness: the common time a traveler stays on your web site, is incredibly necessary additionally because the bounce rate. Bounce rate and time on {site|website|web website} area unit} a measure of however “sticky” your site is.


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